Increase Testosterone and Increase Sperm count Naturally

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Published: 20th September 2010
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Testosterone is produced by the body and is not found in the food we eat; however, certain foods lead to testosterone production and better blood circulation, which carries the testosterone to the appropriate organ, while other foods should be avoided.

Testosterone Food Sources

Zinc: The best source of dietary zinc is meat. The best meat choice is the white meat of chicken. The best fish choice is salmon. For vegetarians, choose peanuts or beans. No fruits that increase testosterone in this category, because plant sources of zinc are harder for the body to use and are not good testosterone food sources.

Vitamin A: essential for the normal function of the reproductive organs. Lots of fruits that increase testosterone in this category: apples, blueberries, cantaloupe, pineapple and citrus fruits, just to name a few. Other food sources of Vitamin A include fish (salmon, again), leafy greens (spinach) and brightly colored vegetables like tomatoes, red peppers and yellow squash.

Natural Methods to Increase Testosterone

1. Exercise

This is extremely important. If you really want to boost your testosterone levels, make sure you hit your gym for at least 4-5 days a week. Your body is designed in such a way that physical activity is extremely important to make it function in the proper way.

2. Say No to Alcohol

I know you like to indulge yourself when it comes to drinking alcohol but alcohol and testosterone do not really gel together. This is because it happens to increase the level of estrogen in your body which lowers testosterone.

3. Eat Right

Increase your protein intake

- Reduce your carbohydrate intake since it leads to a higher level of Insulin in blood which inhibits the production of testosterone. .

- Ensure that you get enough of zinc in your diet. This is the trace mineral that is extremely important for the production of this male hormone.

Testosterone plays an important role throughout every stage of a person's life:

Immediately prior to puberty, testosterone begins to rise in both boys and girls. Childhood is departing, replaced by budding pubic hair, the beginnings of body odor, growth spurts, oily hair and skin, and that ridiculous peach fuzz above the lips that every eleven year-old male tries to cultivate and claim as facial hair. Bones mature and the arm pits grow hair.

During puberty, testosterone enjoys a massive increase. Most of you reading this probably recall those awkward, exciting change-filled times: new odors, inconvenient fluctuations in the functionality and appearance of certain organs, strange new outlooks on the opposite sex.

In adults, testosterone's effects on growth and development have largely manifested and maintenance becomes its province. Libido is preserved for both men and women and erection strength and frequency are regulated by testosterone. Muscles resist wasting thanks to T (and even grow larger).

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